pure premium great-tasting drinking water • ocean sourced and native to San Diego • using solar thermal energy, SolarRain is purified just like Mother Nature makes rain • bottled in biodegradable bottles, SolarRain is made locally and sold fresh on the “neighborhood” shelf.



to find out . . .

We believe

you have a right

to know

what you’re drinking.

What’s in

your bottle of water

and when was it made?

Trust Nature’s Way  

Ocean-sourced water gives   
   SolarRain the right balance 
     of minerals and electrolytes
       naturally, no additives needed.

       ocean • sun • cloud • SolarRain
       . . . just like Mother Nature
     makes rain!SolarRain_water.htmlSolarRain_water.htmlSolarRain_water.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Check it out!

water for healthy people.... and a happy planet

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4 reasons why

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   in your


our water 

Made fresh, Nature’s way.

What’s in it & when was it made?


our bottle

Our bottle design: why square?

Biodegradable & recyclable.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

local & social


Company & news.

The landscape of bottled water is changing!

Solar Rain Bottled Water Company, Inc.,

PO Box 1153, Valley Center, CA  92082-1153 

info@solarrainwatery.com  | 760.751.8867

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Sustainability, doing our part.

Solar-generated thermal energy.

Why is water source important?

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if your lab report doesn’t appear, it may be a new batch. Please check back soon.

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